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DIY Personalized System FAQs

We only purchase components from three retailers (Newegg, Amazon, and BestBuy). If you use PCPart Picker and select other retailers besides these three we don’t get free shipping on our build parts so the price will go up. NOT to worry!! We will send you an updated PC Partpicker list with an explanation as to the reason for the price changes and you will be able to see the list for yourself.


Pre-configured Systems DISCLAIMER

Prices are subject to change. Computer hardware prices are constantly fluctuating. Our pre-configured systems are not updated daily so the prices are may not reflect accurately of current market pricing on hardware. NOT to worry!! We will send you an updated PC Partpicker list with an explanation as to the reason for the price changes and you will be able to see the list for yourself. We don’t make money on on the hardware, we only charge 20% for our precision build fee.


The AirStrike PC Advantage – DANGER CLOSE PRECISION!!!

AirStrike PC is the extreme “Mod shop” quality custom build with the price tag of a “box” computer such as HP or Dell. Who are we and what do we stand for? AirStrike PC was founded in Bozeman, Montana in 2014 and is comprised of veterans and the American working class. Our owners are two technology experts with over 30 years of combined experience and a plethora of certifications from CompTIA A+, MCSE, and many more. Our inspirations derive from a passion in military aircraft, technology, and gaming. Our philosophy is a no compromise approach to all things quality. Every build that leaves the work shop are personally and uniquely hand built by only one of two owners. We believe in establishing a personal relationship with all of our customers. You wont have to call a “1-800” number and press 1, 0r 2, or 3…….heck, we’ll even give you our cell numbers if you want.


1) AirStrike PC is 100% Owned & Operated in the UNITED STATES.

2) Each builder has over 15 years expierience in manufacturing and computer technology. Systems are NEVER “slapped” together by inexpierienced workers.

3) Every system is unique and is each builders own creative masterpiece. No two systems are ever the same.

4) Every computer undergoes a minimum of 24 hours of stress / bench testing prior to signing off for shipment.

If you are looking for an average manufacturing company with 10,000,000 different options and two~three week manufacturing turn around time instead of 7-10 days, Well we are not that place.

Q & A


Do I have to order off of the website?


Absolutely NOT! Give us a call and we’ll gladly walk you through any order questions you might have. We can even build you your own customized quote.


Is AirStrike PC the cheapest computer manufacturer on the market?


No, our goal is not to be cheap, but extreme quality at an affordable price.



Is AirStrike PC where I can find a gnarly custom mod project?


Not exactly, our goal is to offer a custom alternative to a “box” computer such as HP or Dell without the hefty price tag of a “Mod shop”.


What is the typical turn-around time for each build?


Orders usually take 7-10 business from start to competition and shipment.


I can get a system built from a larger competitor for cheaper, what makes AirStrike PC better?


AirStrike PC owners personally build and test EVERY computer which attributes to our extreme quality. Larger manufactures suffer at the hand of inexperience and work force attrition.