U-2 Dragon Lady


  • Intel Xeon Quad Core CPU
  • 4GB ECC DDR3 1600 Memory
  • ASRock Intel C224 Motherboard SATAIII 6.0Gb/s Interface
  • 500GB 7200 RPM SATA3 HDD
  • Dual Gigabit Intel LAN

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Small Business Server

The U-2 Dragon Lady is an excellent machine! Assembled with care and only the best quality components, this server will make you shine and prevent unnecessary crashes and lag time in your business life. Great for a small business server or larger businesses as well! Many businesses try to make their server setup work when it really isn’t quite suitable for them. AirStrike PC can support your business by providing quality machines assembled here the United States! We take care to make sure that each and every server that we send out is in perfect condition to last you for years down the road. To guarantee this, we offer a three year warranty on all our products. If you’re not satisfied with that, feel free to upgrade that to a four or five year warranty. If you’re interested in really making the most of your machine feel free to customize it here to your very own specifications.